Your Own Web Presence

On "" or your own domain

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot will publish your content under your preferred site name as a subdomain of For example, if you decide for the site name myblog, we will publish your site under name

We decided for a '.space' top-level domain, which was introduced for creative minds.

The .SPACE domain lets innovators and creative minds create their own unique corner of the web. Perfect for freelancers, writers, designers, and more, the open-ended domain allows users to create a web environment unique to their interests. In a more literal sense, .SPACE can also be used by aerospace companies or enthusiasts.

This suits quite well with the goal of the Cloudburo Publishing Bot to drive and support passionate individuals and professionals in building their content space.

In any case, you are free to point your content site to your own (sub) domain by simply configuring it in the Cloudburo Member Zone.

The content publishing process will be triggered out of Evernote, as soon as you move a note in a dedicated Evernote notebook (which was initially created by the Cloudburo Publishing Bot during the setup process).

It's hassle free and straightforward and will not absorb any of your valuable time, as a startup-, micro- or small entrepreneur, or as blogging enthusiast.