Tons of Features

Produce a professional blog with ease

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot comes with an extensive set of features which allows you to outline and manage your content site in a professional manner.

Features which are supporting your Writing Process in Evernote

  • Categorize your Articles: By using Evernote tags you can define category structures for your published articles.
  • Working with Images: Pictures in Evernote notes will be taken over and converted for fast online access. Various possibilities exist how to control the positioning and layout of the image.
  • Working with Videos: YouTube-based videos can be easily embedded by adding some meta information in your Evernote note.
  • Embed HTML Fragments: You can embed custom HTML fragments, e.g. required for MailChimp Newsletter integration or similar.
  • Syntax Highlighting: A simple mechanism for nice syntax highlighting in your site with support for over 60 programming languages.

Features which influencing and fine-tune your Website Presence

Features which supporting Automation and Integration

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